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The show opens with a discussion about the website besteveralbums.com and how it led Jeff to Elvis Costello. Next Mike and Jeff discuss new music they have been listening to and what websites/streaming services they use. Mike talks about the band Glass Animals and listening to music at work then opens up a discussion about listening to music and how it reminds him why he is in the music industry. Next Jeff talks about the Deftones and draws a Tool comparison. Mike talks about the Deftones bass player who passed away and how the band handled the situation. This opens up further discussion about bands who have lost members. Next Mike and Jeff talk about Imagine Dragons and their new record, followed by a discussion about songs that never get old or "won't die" and "alarm clock songs". After that they discuss the upcoming Kurt Cobain documentary and again talk about bands that lose frontmen such as Sublime. The show ends discussing some prominent music copyright infringement cases with Mike and Jeff proving commentary, opinions, and Jeff plays Stairway to Heaven on guitar. 


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