Clay Guida and Yesod Williams

Clay, Mike, and Yesod

Clay, Mike, and Yesod

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The show opens with Clay talking about how he got into MMA, how his family reacts while he fights, and how living in an RV at the beginning of his career is similar to a young band going on the road. Then the group talks about Clay living in Albuquerque and the city's relationship with the TV show Breaking Bad, how Clay is able to flip a switch when he fights, and the walk out music the two teams in the Super Bowl used. Mike then describes why it's a bad idea to post photos from Pepper's soundcheck after watching a Metallica soundcheck, Clay talks about the last two weeks of training before a fight, and the first album he ever owned. The group closes the show talking about the movie "Whiplash," what it is like to go to a college football game, and how Mike looks like MMA figher Conor McGregor. 


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Produced by Mike Sutherland and Jeff Nisen
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