Episode 26 - Cheyne Magnusson and Yesod Williams (rebroadcast)

Jeff, Mike, Yesod, and Cheyne

Jeff, Mike, Yesod, and Cheyne

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The guys start the show by discussing celebrity surfers, how surf videos introduced kids to surf punk, and Jack Johnson and the Santa Barbara/Hawaii connection. The conversation then switches back to surf videos, Pennywise and the history of Bro Hymn, and Cheyne talks about being on the show "Maui Fever." Then Guttermouth and the on stage antics of their lead singer become the the topic of discussion, Cheyne brings up NOFX and Bad Religion, and then Cheyne talks about a wave controlled by an iPad. The show closes with the group talking about Cheyne's roll at Body Glove, how Jeff's old band shot a music video on the Body Glove boat, and Mike asks the guys what they think of Jay Z's new music streaming App TIDAL. 


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Produced by Mike Sutherland

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