Episode 16 - Justin Thirsk


Show Summary

The show starts off with with the guys talking about the history of the recording studio where Another Take is recorded, recording 98 mute, and what it's like having Fletcher from Pennywise produce your record. Then, Justin describes his tour with Blink 182 before the Blink became a household name, 98 Mute signing to Epitaph records, and why Mike took over the studio. Justin then tells the guys how the studio got the name Stall #2, what his first three albums he owned were, and what it was like growing up in the South Bay of Los Angeles when Black Flag was just beginning. The guys close out the show discussing Oi Punk, Subhumans, Justin's role in the recording of Pennywise's tribute song Bro Hymn, and the Oregon band Cigar. 


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