Tyler Craig and Yesod Williams

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Mike sits down with Pepper's Yesod Williams and the bands tour manager Tyler Craig and discuss the crazy adventure that was the 311 cruise. They discuss sneaking weed on board, what they did in Jamaica, and other random things.


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Produced by Mike Sutherland and Jeff Nisen
Engineered by Mike Sutherland

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Episode 2 - Mark Trumbo and Riley Breckenridge

The show opens up with Riley talking about an upcoming Thrice show, how Mark and Riley met, and Mark and Riley's first records. Then the gang touches on Beck and Kanye at the Grammys, baseball travel vs. music touring, Mark and Riley's biking habits, and then they take a glimpse into Thrice's songwriting process and unique time signatures. The show wraps up with Riley discussing Thrice's future plans and Mark being star struck upon meeting Slash.

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